Rezension "Nachtwache"

von Power Play Records

Cumulo Nimbus, not an easy name for a band right? But Cumulo Nimbus comes from Germany and all their lyrics are in their mother tongue so i guess this name is from the German language too. "Nachtwache" is their latest self financed EP which you can find six tracks of rock music combined perfectly with a lot of folk music elements. Actually as i hear more and more the stuff from Cumulo Nimbus i can say that they combine rock music with the folk music. Generally the band members had done a great job in their compositions and they have included some really interesting things inside their songs and in these six songs you will hear at least quality music. Don't forget that the band chooses the Mastersound Studios and Alex Krull as the man behind the production and with these two names we have at least a professional sound and a crystal production. I don't know how many of you are used to hear folk rock music but i can say that Cumulo Nimbus will make you to love this music. Don't miss their release. SCORE out of 8.2/10

Antonis Maglaras